Botox® / Xeomin® / Dysport®

You deserve to look your best, and that shouldn’t mean spending hours on your makeup each day. Our aesthetic experts enhance your already beautiful features by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Let us refresh your appearance and take years off your look today with our safe and effective Botox®, Xeomin®, and Dysport® treatments.

What Is Xeomin®, Botox®, and Dysport®?

Xeomin®, Botox®, and Dysport® are all injectable neuromodulators, meaning they temporarily alter the nerve impulses of targeted muscles, thereby reducing or eliminating contraction-induced wrinkles. All three injectables have a slightly different formulation of bacterium Clostridium Botulinum or Botulinum Toxin A, but they all block the nerve impulses of the injected muscles to temporarily paralyze movements that cause wrinkles. The most common targets are horizontal lines across the forehead and perpendicular frown lines between the brows (known as “The elevens”). Many also rely on these treatments for crow’s feet, nasal squint lines, lines around the neck, underarm sweating, and migraines.

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Xeomin® vs Botox® vs Dysport®

All three neuromodulators are very similar, though each may cause a slightly different reaction. Dysport®is known to be more diffusive with a more even distribution, which is ideal for correcting crow’s feet. For a small wrinkle correction Dr. Mohan and her staff prefer using Botox®. While Botox®, Xeomin®, and Dysport® can be used interchangeably, Dr. Mohan will discuss with you her recommendation and reasons for choosing one over the other. When administered properly, these treatments’ effects are confined to the injection zone and do not affect the surrounding areas or travel around the body, as commonly feared. These treatments also prevent the formation of deeper lines in the future by reducing contraction-induced wrinkles. This is the main reason why younger people are getting such treatments: Used as a preventative measure, they are an effective anti-aging strategy.


What Are the Benefits of Xeomin®, Botox®, and Dysport®?

You should notice smoother, more wrinkle-free skin within 2-3 days after the injection, but the full effects won’t appear for about two weeks. It may take as long as a month for results to peak on areas with stronger muscles, particularly in men. When full effects have been achieved, your skin will feel smoothed and lifted, with a more youthful and awakened appearance. These results tend to last 4-6 months, at which point the muscle movement gradually returns and the wrinkles and lines start to reappear, but often less severe than before because the muscle has been trained to relax more.

Wrinkle Correction in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

At Rosewood Healthcare & Medical Spa, we care for our patients wholeheartedly, ensuring they have the best experience possible from start to finish. When you visit us, you will be provided with our full line of comprehensive treatment options. If you would like to reduce the pesky wrinkles on your face, Botox®, Dyport®, or Xeomin® may be right for you. To book an appointment, call (989) 775-3823 or click the button below.