TempSure Firm

What Is TempSure Firm?

At Rosewood in Central Michigan, we are proud to offer TempSure Firm! This is a non-invasive treatment that combines radiofrequency heating with a specialized massage head to provide you with more youthful and evenly textured skin. Designed for the skin on your body, TempSure Firm can also help reduce the appearance of cellulite without injections, surgery, or downtime.

How Does TempSure Firm Work?

TempSure Firm utilizes the balanced combination of radiofrequency heating and a specialized massage head to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite on your skin. The result? Your skin will take on a more youthful and evenly textured appearance.


How Many Treatments Are Needed?

Though everyone is different, most patients need anywhere from 5-8 treatments for best results. This will vary for each patient as your needs and the condition of your skin will give us a good picture of the number of treatments you may need to reach your desired results!

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

TempSure treatments don’t take much time at all. This treatment can be scheduled anytime in your busy day as most sessions only take five to ten minutes.

Does the Treatment Hurt?

Many of our patients report that the TempSure Firm treatment feels relaxing, like a hot stone massage and that it’s very comfortable.

When Can I Return to Normal Activities?

You may return to your normal daily activities immediately after your treatment. However, please note that some tenderness may be experienced after your session. For best results, remember to apply at least SPF 30 sunscreen to the treated areas to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

When Will I See Results?

Many of our patients experience some immediate positive results from their TempSure sessions. After the procedure, your skin may feel noticeably tighter and look more radiant. Subsequent follow-up sessions are usually required to help you achieve maximum improvement in your skin. These sessions also help keep the improvement for a longer period of time.

TempSure Firm in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

If you long for more youthful, evenly textured skin on the body and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite, TempSure Firm may be right for you. You can contact us with any additional questions you may have. Book a consultation today! Dr. Mohan, her providers, and staff provide the highest level of service to our patients in the Mt. Pleasant and surrounding areas. To book an appointment, call (989) 775-3823 or click the button below.