Hair Restoration

Pattern baldness is a common issue affecting both men and women worldwide. While some people don’t mind going bald, others prefer retaining a full head of luxurious hair to wash and style as they please. Hair loss for those who aren’t ready for it can be especially difficult. Luckily, our medical specialists here at Rosewood Healthcare & Medical Spa can provide you with the power of regenerative medicine. Using the newest technique in hair restoration, we can offer several solutions to those struggling with hair loss. Our hair restoration treatment uses the power of natural growth factors to safely and effectively restore hair without the need for difficult surgery or medication. Additionally, we are happy to provide our KeraLase™ laser and serum treatment to give you more restoration possibilities. Contact us today to learn more about all that Rosewood Healthcare & Medical Spa can do for you.

Hair Restoration With Growth Factors

Growth factors, also known as “autologous conditioned plasma,” is a substance derived from one’s own blood. Over the years, growth factors have become a widely accepted treatment used in skin rejuvenation, hair loss, and general healthcare. Our hair restoration treatment works by using your blood to promote your body’s natural regenerative process. When injected into the scalp, the growth factors promote hair regrowth by stimulating dormant follicles. The treatment process is quick and can be done comfortably at our facility Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. The result is improved hair thickness with very little downtime.

Hair Restoration With KeraLase™

The KeraLase™ system is a new and revolutionary restoration option. This treatment relies on the use of laser technology and a specially formulated serum to enrich your scalp and promote long-term hair growth. The KeraLase™ process begins with the creation of tiny “microchannels” along the areas of your scalp where hair loss is the most prevalent. Once these channels are created, they promote the absorption of KeraFactor® serum. This serum is formulated to give you richer, fuller hair over time as the microchannels heal. Multiple treatments with this method have been clinically shown to offer hair regrowth and maintenance over time.


The Hair Restoration Process

When you visit us in Mt. Pleasant, we will first present you with your hair restoration options. If growth factors are your preferred method, we will begin the process by first drawing a small amount of blood and then separating the factors using a centrifuge. Afterward, we will take the extracted growth factors and inject it into the hair-bearing areas on your scalp. This process takes roughly 30 minutes to perform in total. During the session, you will feel tiny pin prick-like sensations, similar to getting standard needle injections during a general health checkup. Because these may cause some discomfort, a topical numbing cream, and a cold air chiller can be provided to make the experience easier. The KeraLase™ treatment is generally viewed as more tolerable and takes approximately ten minutes to perform. After the laser created the microchannels on your scalp, we will apply the necessary serum. No downtime is required following these treatments.

Hair Restoration Results

After your hair restoration treatment, you can immediately resume your regular daily routine. However, though the treatment has no downtime, some precautions post-treatment should still be taken: We recommend refraining from hair styling products for 36 hours to avoid irritation. Furthermore, you should avoid hair dyes for about 2-3 weeks. If you are using a topical medication such as Rogaine, this may be resumed the following week. Patients can wash their hair the next day. To reduce swelling, we recommend using ice packs over the injected areas after 24 hours as needed. For most patients, maintenance treatments with growth factors every 6-12 months may be necessary to help maintain long-lasting results.* With KeraLase™, six or more sessions over the span of 12 weeks may be required to begin seeing significant results.

Hair Restoration in Mount Pleasant, Michigan

For those struggling with hair loss, there is hope available. Rosewood Healthcare & Medical Spa is happy to provide patients with new and effective treatment options. We invite you to visit us and explore the right hair restoration treatment for you. To learn more about our full treatment line for hair and skincare, book an appointment today by calling (989) 775-3823 or clicking the button below.